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List of infective microoganism corressponding to different Risk Group 2021 superseding of Annexure-I of Regulations Á Guidelines for Recombinant DNA Research Bicontainment,2017
Guidelines and standard operating procedure for Research and Genetical Engineered Insects, 2023
Standard Operating Procedures for Regulatory Review of Genome Edited Plants under SDN-1 and SDN-2 Categories.
Requirement of BioRRAP ID for submission of Form C1 on IBKP.
Guidelines for the Establishment of Containment Facilities: BSL2 and BSL3 and Certification of BSL3 facility 2020.
Office Memorandum for all IBSCs on submission of Documents for Compliance on IBKP portal.
Guidelines for the Safety Assessment of the Genome Edited Plants, 2022

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It is a database on activities involving the use of GMOs and products thereof in India. ......